“ 13CABS are one of the easiest companies to work with when it comes to organising transportation for our members.  The online Booking tool allows fast and easy for all staff to use.”


“Recently my wife and I travelled to Melbourne for some specialist appointments through TAC on January 14th. Travelling between the airport, our accommodation and then to the appointment, we were lucky enough to have the same driver both trips.  We were both so happy with the service, professionalism and courtesy extended to us. “

Rohan, Melbourne

“When I walked out the driver was there waiting at the hospital. he got out of the taxi and opened the door for me and helped me in the cab even though I was okay! 
He offered to carry my bags up, because he remembered last time that I needed help. Both times he’s told me he will wait outside with his lights on to ensure I get inside safely. It’s something that doesn’t have to be done the fact that he does shows that he goes above and beyond for not only me, but I would assume all customers. 
I felt like I needed to pass along my additional thanks, and compliments to the driver and 13cabs!”

Natalie, Gold Coast

“Called to thank the driver for handing in the lost phone in taxi to the police station, and wanted me to thank the driver and inform him that she has received her phone. 
She wanted to thank and called to appreciate his honesty.”

Annie, Sydney

“I would like to acknowledge one of your drivers for outstanding customer service. I needed to get from circular quay to Darlinghurst to pick up my forgotten paperwork from my hotel and back to the bridge climb. Your driver was so friendly and waited patiently for me while I ran inside to get my paperwork for my bridge climb. Being from north Brisbane I didn’t even consider fare evasion when asking the driver to wait as I hadn’t even thought it was a thing. I’m so glad he waited for me and he got me to my bridge climb on time. 19/01/2020 at approximately 12:30/ 1 pm. Thank you so much for providing good drivers for forgetful people like me.”

Leonie, Sydney

“Driver implemented impeccable customer relations behavior throughout the travel experience., including the behavior to do with the Assistance Dog. 
Very Respectful & very helpful.” 

Sheryl, Brisbane